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Pinot Noir Dinner - the ‘Heartbreak’ Grape

Welcome glass of bubbly, eight premium wines, and a pairing dinner.

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Pinot Noir Dinner - the ‘Heartbreak’ Grape
Pinot Noir Dinner - the ‘Heartbreak’ Grape

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With the stratospheric price rise of the best Burgundy in recent years, tasting most Grand Cru and Premier Cru wines is now out of reach for all but the wealthiest. Furthermore, climate change is forcing Burgundy to adapt - to new vineyard locations away from existing Grand Cru vineyards, wine making techniques, even grape varieties other than pinot noir (horror!).

Pinot noir is widely considered the pinnacle of winemaking, but is riddled with tales of fickleness, aggravation and heartbreak. At its best, it shines with ethereal beauty and layers of captivating complexity. At its worst, it struggles to ripen given its early budding, thin skinned and delicate nature, resulting in insipid drink. 

Luckily, numerous other regions around the world have taken up the charge of offering outstanding pinot noir wines at less than eye-popping prices. They are often mistaken in blind tastings for top flight Burgundy or offer something new and wonderful.

This dinner features eight outstanding examples of premium non-Burgundy pinot noir wine produced around the world. We will be tasting blind so that we can judge each unbiased. The wines will be paired with dinner.

Which wine will come out on top? From Oregon? New Zealand? Switzerland? Germany? Elsewhere? And does Burgundy have good reason to be looking back over its shoulder at the chasing pack? You and your palates can be the judge!

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