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Privacy Policy

Registration of Prospective Members

Prospective members are invited to register on this site in order to be able to book one or two events on a trial basis.   In registering they agree that the information that they register will only be used for the purpose of identifying them, and contacting them in connection with their prospective membership or any events that they book.   They may cancel their registration at any time by contacting us, in which case their information will be deleted.   Such registrations may also be cancelled by the Society.

Registration of Members

Members register on the basis of the agreement that they have made when they join the Society or renew their membership.  It is a condition of membership that members agree to their personal data, together with subscription, booking and attendance records, being automatically processed and stored on the Society’s secure websites, for the established aims of the Society.  They agree to receive postal and email communications from the Society.

Legal Basis

The Branch holds members’ data on the legal basis of Legitimate Interest.


The Society does not release its membership records to any other organisation except the names and addresses on a confidential basis for the distribution of Society publications to Members.
The site does not use cookies for any form of marketing, targeting or data analysis.  We may use cookies to facilitate your use of the site.

Event bookings which are cancelled will be subject to a cancellation charge.   No refund will normally be made if the booking is cancelled at less than two weeks notice.
If an event is cancelled by the Society, a full refund will be made.

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