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The Branch - Who We Are

The Capital Branch was established in early 2023 in London UK by a diverse and tightly knit group of individuals passionate about bonding around food and wine through outreach and education. The Committee members have deep personal roots in the US, Africa, Italy or East Asia, as well as the UK. Age-wise, they hail from their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Some have wine certifications, such as DipWSET, or restaurant/catering industry expertise. Some are simply highly enthusiastic food/wine newbies, but with strong experience in managing either commercial or non-profit organizations.

The Branch is about sharing, caring, and creating fun memories through delicious, multi-sensory experiences.

Founding Members

Anne Donoghue

Elena Frank

Phillip Y Kim

Gianpiero Repole

Stephanie Robertson

Cheryl Roux

Omar Sayed

Susan Urkevich

Chris van Aeken

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