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IWFS Capital Branch


Time for Tea

16 May 2024


The Capital Branch

A new branch of IWFS, one of the longest running gastronomical societies in the world, with over 6,000 members worldwide who become enduring friends through international festivals and wine/food tours.

Amazing events held in venues in central London, day trips to England's most fascinating culinary destinations and wine country, and multi-day tours to Europe. 


The Capital Branch is attracting scores of food and wine loving members of all ages, with or without prior foodie experience and wine knowledge.

Membership in the Capital Branch includes automatic enrollment in the Society's widespread global network, events, and publications.

Upcoming Events


Featured Event - Alto Adige Tour

Let’s face it, some places are just more blessed than others. Trentino-Alto Adige is like no other province in Italy. As its hyphenated name suggests, (as well as its ‘other’ name – Sudtirol) it’s a place that combines two distinct cultures, part Italian, part Austrian. (This northern-most province of Italy only became part of the country after World War I.) It is the best of both worlds, combining Latin aesthetic flair with Teutonic efficiency. In any of its fairy-tale villages, gothic buildings stand harmoniously shoulder to shoulder with Romanesque structures. The food and wine are similarly unique, hybrid, and deliriously delicious.

The Capital Branch has organized a tour for up to twenty individuals for five days and evenings of splendid food, wine and mountains of Alto Adige in July 2024.
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